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Our specialists can perform in-house rebores (35mm to 87mm), crankshaft rebuilding & truing, engine rebuilding, dyno tuning, carburettor rebuilding, electrical diagnostics & repairs, general servicing & repairs to most makes & models of motorcycles.

For a huge range of motorcycle specialised services, and the most reliable and competitive repairs and servicing in the Perth & North Perth region, you can't go past The Bike Doctor. Our workshop has four service bays and is fully equipped to carry out any motorcycle related repair work, from minor adjustments to complete engine overhauls, with all work done in-house & guaranteed. 34 years in business is your guarantee of professional service.

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No matter whether you ride a mini Honda 50 or a mighty Suzuki Hayabusa, The Bike Doctor has the know how and the equipment to tune your machine perfectly. Our in-house Dyno Dynamics dynamometer is the leading tuning technology available in the world today. Reprogrammable engine modules for fuel-injected engines require sophisticated equipment to achieve the desired outcome for maximum horsepower and torque. Our commitment to being the best in this field is unmatched.

Wheel balancing

Smart riders use the very best quality performance tyres and have them fitted and balanced to the highest standards. The Bike Doctor provides you with the very latest in electronic computerised motorcycle-specific wheel balancing equipment.

Insurance and smash repairs

You can depend on The Bike Doctor to expertly repair most makes and models including Harley Davidson. Our team has the equipment and knowledge to make your machine run like new again. We repair bikes for all major insurance companies as well as private owners. If your machine is damaged, give us a call!

General Servicing & Repairs

Whether you ride a cruiser, commuter, sports or off road bike we have the expertise to keep your machine in tip top condition. Our accreditation and history as WA's longest private non-dealer-associated motorcycle repairer guarantees that the job will be done to the highest standards. We service so many 'brand new' bikes right from the first day without compromising your new bike warranty. You can rely on our team to pick up any problems before they become real issues.

Brake system servicing and brake line upgrades

Arguably the most important equipment on your machine is the brakes! The Bike Doctor stocks a comprehensive range of disc pads and has reliable sources for competitively priced after-market alternatives for discs and braided brake lines to suit most models.

Ultrasonic Carburettor Cleaning, Servicing, Reconditioning & Tuning

Exclusive ultrasonic carburettor cleaning is part of our specialised services for motorcycles. We are the experts in ultrasonic cleaning in our industry, and have been researching and developing methods and associated fluid additives in Australia to best clean motorcycle and small engine carburettors (without harm to plastic or rubberised components) for more than 15 years now. This cleaning process is an essential part of any workshop involved in the repairing/servicing/overhauling of small engine carburettors due to the withdrawal of effective chemical cleaners from sale some years ago.

Rebores (35mm to 87mm),Pistons, Parts & Engine Rebuilds

The Bike Doctor can guarantee a more precise result on your engine rebuild with our on-site reboring and honing. Bore sizes 35mm to 87mm accommodated. Our supply networks throughout Australia and the world enable us to access most sizes and brands of piston kits. The most important process of any engine rebuild is in the machining to suit the new components. That's why we have invested heavily in equipment to achieve the very best results when it comes to reboring and rebuilding your motorcycle's engine & its components.

Bead Blasting

Our Bead Blaster helps us to thoroughly clean parts, ensuring accurate inspections and assisting reassembly. We also offer our Bead Blasting service to clients who want that little bit extra when they are doing their own rebuilds.

Engine and transmission rebuilds

Engine and transmission rebuilds are a major part of our business and go hand in hand with our rebores, crankshaft and cylinder head rebuilding and Bead Blasting services. Working to precise specifications and taking pride in our workmanship guarantees you a professional and long life rebuild.

Front suspension rebuilds

Your bike's suspension needs to be in top shape to give you the safest and smoothest ride possible. The Bike Doctor stocks a comprehensive range of fork seals, oils and components for both conventional and USD (upside down) forks.

Cylinder head and crankshaft rebuilds

To ensure the quality of our workmanship, we perform all crankshaft and cylinder head rebuilds right here in our workshop. Our vast network of genuine and after-market component suppliers from around Australia and the world enables us to complete all work competitively and professionally.

With modern motorcycle single cylinder engines there is a swing to replacing the entire crankshaft as a unit if just one part of it fails. However, we are equipped to rebuild these units by replacing those failed items, which can result in massive savings for you! With older machines, there is no option. The crankshaft must be rebuilt as there is no available complete assembly to refit.

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