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Specialised Equipment

Since 2000, The Bike Doctor in North Perth has been importing and distributing specialised equipment for motorcycle and small engine repair shops Australia wide. We have a vast range of expertise in all aspects of motorbike equipment and repairs, and are looking to develop this side of our business. For more information, please feel free to contact our team directly.

OptiMate 4

One of our best sellers is the OptiMate 4 (New model now available in Australia) fully automatic battery maintainer for both workshop and private use. This product is invaluable as it not only saves you from having to replace batteries but also de-sulphates, tests, charges and preserves your battery in optimum condition. It is the best way to commission a brand new battery, particularly the sealed and compact gel batteries commonly used in today's motorcycles.


TecMate's IgnitionMate is the top tool in the power sport industry for trouble-shooting problems on all ignition systems (transistor, CDI, magneto and points). The tool is designed to find the failed part or bad connection on the vehicle before disassembly or swapping out of parts takes place. The kit includes a rubber protective holster and custom carry case.

Our best practice policy

At The Bike Doctor, our policy is to try and find the best possible ways to achieve the best possible results in the motorcycle repair industry. As part of this quest, we have searched the globe to procure the right tools and equipment to achieve our goals.

When motorcycle engines were made with cast steel cylinders requiring precision re-boring, we imported our own boring bar and accessories from Britain back in the late 1970's. We have been at the forefront of the trade since the early 80's by using pneumatic operated bike lifting equipment imported from Italy. We were first to import motorcycle-specific electronic wheel balancing equipment from the USA.

There are many other specific tools located and used in our workshop today to make the tasks easier for us and more economical in the long run for our customers. It's all part of our best practice policy.
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